Financial Information


Tuition is paid in eleven (11) equal installments. The first payment is due August 15 and the last payment is due June 15. WBA uses a tuition management service call TADS which allows parents to access their accounts at any time. Payments can be made on the 5th, 15th, or 20th of the month.

- 4 yr. old Kindergarten (3 days/wk):  $3,055 Student/Year
- Kindergarten - 6th Grade:  $4,205 Student/Year
- 7th Grade - 12th Grade:  $4,455 Student/Year

Woodcrest Baptist Academy does not accept scholarships from Early Learning Grant or any government daycare assistance funding of any kind.

Multiple Child Discount

Families with multiple children enrolled qualify for a reduction in tuition.

- 2 children $550 reduction in total family tuition
- 3 children $1,110 reduction in total family tuition
- 4 or more children $1650.00 in total family tuition

Church Membership Discount

Woodcrest Baptist Academy is a ministry supported by Woodcrest Baptist Church. Families who are active members of Woodcrest Baptist Church qualify for a monthly reduction in tuition.

Annual Fees

Registration Fees

The registration fee is $250 per student and are due by June 15. Registration fees must be submitted with complete registration forms. For returning families, registration fees will be charged through TADS when re-enrollment forms are submitted. Accounts must be current before registration fees will be accepted. Payment of the registration fee illustrates a family’s intent to enroll or re-enroll their student and reserves the student’s place on the roster. It also helps the administration to better plan for the needs of the next year.  Registration fees are non-refundable, except in cases where the student is not accepted into the enrollment.  

Early payment of registration fees are eligible for the following discount:

- Paid before April 15: $50/student 
- Paid before June 15: $25/Student

Building Maintenance Fees

A $75/per family maintenance fee will be due August 15, to support the annual upkeep and renovation of the Academy.

Athletic Fees

Athletic fees range from $100-$150 per student/per sport, and are applied through TADS during participation period.


All gifts to WBA are tax-deductible (receipt provided upon requested). In the case of donations of equipment or supplies, WBA reserves the right to use the material as we see fit. Once given, all donations of this type become the property of WBA.

Warrior Club 

The Warrior Club is for those who are able to contribute at least $25 per month for 12 months. Contributions help fund special projects throughout the school year. See office for details.