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Online Learning

Online Resources

WBA Teachers frequently point to these online educational resources for students to use for research and supplemental learning:

Secondary Education

Woodcrest provides a rigorous academic program for Jr./Sr. high school students, to help prepare students for their future after graduation. We help students make course selections that will prepare them for success beyond high school, whether collegiate, or in the workplace. Our junior and senior high school faculty are passionate about Christian education and shaping young lives. They are rewarded by accomplishments and character of their students who have been challenged and stretched to meet their full potential.  This remarkable dedication is the foundation of the most valuable goal of WBA - to offer every student a personal commitment to their success. Our focus goes beyond the classroom. We engage students in service and leadership opportunities through athletics and fine arts.

Our desire is for students at WBA to have a broad-based, Biblically integrated education that prepares them for service to their community and to the Lord Jesus Christ. With this goal as the bedrock of our foundation, we will continue to work diligently to ensure that every student learns to think critically, lead with integrity, serve with humility, and leave a legacy that honors our Lord.



Elementary Education

We believe in early education and begin our academic offerings for children starting at age four. Our K4 program introduces students to the classroom on a part-time basis (M-W-F) and focuses on socialization, classroom disciplines and early literacy development. 

Our classrooms are large, clean, bright and well-equipped.  We use up-to-date textbooks published by Christian publishers. Our teachers continue their education annually to stay abreast of different learning needs and approaches to teaching. We thoroughly instruct our students in the academic subjects, and we challenge them to use what they learn in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Bible is used each day for devotional and practical instruction. The students are challenged to know right from wrong and to develop character according to the principles of Scripture and the example of the Lord Jesus. God has provided well-qualified teachers who know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, who are excellent teachers, and who have a love for their students. Our Elementary faculty averages over 20 years of experience.