Tutoring & Lessons

Academic Tutoring

Help Class is available to students with academic weaknesses, at no additional cost. Help Class meets on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:15 pm.  Teachers may use other nights for help class if needed.

Students with pronounced academic difficulties may, at the recommendation of the Administration, receive tutoring during the school day. There is an additional fee for tutoring. 

Teachers may also offer private tutoring services at an additional cost outside of school hours. Contact the Academy office for more information. 

Instrumental Lessons

Piano lessons are offered weekly to students starting in 2nd grade. Lessons are taught by Mrs. Debbie Isaacs.

Flute lessons are offered to students starting in 5th grade, taught by Ms. Abby Nicholson. 

Horn lessons are offered to students starting in 5th grade, by Miss Teresa Herbert. 

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are offered to Jr./Sr. High students.  Lessons are provided weekly by Mrs. Ann Poorman.

Contact the Academy Office for more information regarding lesson fees.