Performing Arts


Elementary students attend music classes twice weekly to develop their musical knowledge, skills, and attitudes. All students participate in our annual Christmas Program and Spring Concert. 


Choir is an elective for 9th-12th graders. Choir members enjoy the opportunity to experience music in various genres and styles, which in turn help develop their individual and group vocal skills.  Members also participate in Handbell Choir where they learn proper Handbell technique as well as exploring the importance of group presentation. The choir participates in annual school performances, competitions and festivals. The main goal for the individual is to use their God-given talent to serve the Lord in their local church.


Instrumental instruction is introduced to students beginning in 5th grade and required through 8th grade.  Our band consists of brass, percussion and woodwind instruments, which are supplied to students, if needed.  If students wish to continue Band in high school, they may choose it as one of their electives. The bands have opportunities to perform at annual school concerts, Jr./Sr. High music festivals, and chapel performances. 

The goal of band is to train students to better use their talents to honor and glorify God through music. Students will learn how to improve their skills through disciplined practice, work together in a group, and experience the joy of performing.

Speech & Drama

Involvement in speech and drama helps develop a proper sense of poise and self-confidence in young people, and we consider this area to be an important part of our students’ education.  

High School students are requires to take a speech class where they are taught the fundamentals of public speaking and platform performance. They have the opportunity to sharpen and display their skills by competing at state and regional speech and fine arts competitions.

Every other year, elementary students take part in a Christian youth musical based on one of Ron Hamilton’s Patch the Pirate productions. On opposite years, Woodcrest’s high school students are afforded the opportunity to participate in the production of a major three-act play.