Training Students for over 40 Years
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Our junior and senior high school faculty are passionate about Christian education and shaping young lives. This remarkable dedication is the foundation of the most valuable goal of WBA - to offer every student a personal commitment to their success. Our teachers are richly rewarded through the love they give and receive while challenging and stretching our students.

The high school provides rigorous academic programs that prepare every student for collegiate study, but our focus goes beyond the classroom. We engage students in service and leadership opportunities through athletics and fine arts. We will help the students to make course selections that will prepare them for success in college and offer them assistance as they make these important decisions that will shape their careers.

Our desire is for students at WBA to have a broad-based, Biblically integrated education that prepares them for service to their community and to the Lord Jesus Christ. With this goal as the bedrock of our foundation, we will continue to work diligently to ensure that every student learns to think critically, lead with integrity, serve with humility, and leave a legacy that honors our Lord.


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