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Involvement in speech and drama is a key to developing a proper sense of poise and self-confidence in young people, and we consider this area to be an important part of our students’ education.  Many of our current and former academy students have fond and fun memories connected to their involvement in drama. 

Every other year, all lower and upper elementary students take part either by singing, acting, or both in a Christian youth musical based on one of Ron Hamilton’s  Patch the Pirate productions.  The elementary students also have opportunities to get experience in dramatic performance in various all-school seasonal programs.

At the secondary level, WBA requires its students to take a speech class. The students are taught the fundamentals of public speaking and platform performance, and they have the opportunity to sharpen and display their skills by competing at state and regional speech and fine arts competitions.

Woodcrest’s high school students are afforded the opportunity to participate in the production of a major three-act play every other year.  The following is a list of some of the plays that have been performed and enjoyed by many at Woodcrest over the years:  Cheaper by the Dozen, The Diary of Anne Frank, You Can’t Take it With You, Papa was a Preacher, Tartuffe, Much Ado About Nothing, Little Women, Mystery at Muldoon’s Mill.


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